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Crab Grass Band Member Roster

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Current roster of members of the Crab Grass Band.
The Crab Grass Band plays at about half of the Humboldt Crabs baseball games.
Most members are Humboldt County residents, but a few come from out of town. (-:
An average of 25 band members participate at each game.

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Sara Clarinet
Wizard Clarinet/Dir.
Midge Clarinet
Jennifer Clarinet
Melissa Clarinet/Trombone
Kelsey Flute
Cassie Flute
Emily Flute
Deb Flute
Braxton Flute
Sarah Piccolo
Cindy Violin
Janna Alto Sax
Danny Alto Sax
Lorena Alto Sax
Jeanne Alto Sax
Davina Alto Sax
Scott Alto Sax
Chibu Alto Sax
Katie Alto Sax
Charles Alto Sax
Chelsea Alto Sax/Clarinet
April Tenor Sax/flute
Daniel Tenor Sax
Adara Tenor Sax
Phillip Tenor Sax/Dir.
Chris Bari Sax/Alto Sax
Jesica Drums
Liam Drums
Beckie Tiny Green Trumpet
John-Boy Trumpet
Monica Trumpet/Dir.
John Trumpet
Carp Trumpet
Atticus Trumpet
David Trumpet/Dir.
Margarita Trumpet/Music Librarian
David E-flat Horn
Carolyn F Horn
Holly F Horn
Ned F Horn
Lauren Mellophone
Chloe Mellophone/Trumpet
Matthew Mellophone/Trumpet/Dir.
Founding Member, 1983
Toshi Trombone/Drums
Sid Trombone
Larry Trombone
Marylyn Trombone
Alejandro Trombone


Alex Trombone
Bryce Trombone
Stephen Trombone
Brandon Trombone
Scott Trombone
Brandon Trombone
Sigrid Baritone Horn
Bookmark Baritone Horn
Gordon Tuba/Dir.
E-flat Tuba/Alto Sax/Publicity
Ryan Tuba
Chris Tuba
Corey Tuba/Trombone


A Crab Grass Manifesto
That Tiny Green Trumpet
Inspirational Baseball Drummer

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