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Crab Grass Band [logo depicting Crusty the Crab in baseball hat, mit and ball and trombone.

The World Famous Band of
H U M B O L D T   C R A B S    B A S E B A L L

The Crab Grass Band is a group of musicians from the Humboldt Bay area who come together
each summer to entertain at Humboldt Crabs baseball games at the Arcata Ballpark in Arcata, Calif.
Since 1983, the band has provided musical interludes pre-game, post-game, and between innings.
It also performs the "Star Spangled Banner" in the absence of guest performers.
The band attends a majority of the games. It is a volunteer organization supported by
its members, the Humboldt Crabs ball club, and a few generous fans.

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"...When the band got [to Santa Clara], any hopes of a nice quiet day
at the ballpark for the "home" fans went out the window.
Heck, they even brought a full drum set all the way from Arcata. ..."

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